School Discotheque

It is that time of year when Schools throw their big PTA Ball, and on this occasion DJ Greg and his crew were delighted to be playing at Berkhamsted Girls School. Yet again, a nice local gig! As marquees go, this was a real big tent, huge stage and a massive turn out. The weather [...]

Summer Wedding

Getting married in the UK can be a bit of a gamble when it comes to the weather – very unpredictable. On this occasion, the sun was shining and the wedding guests were enjoying the atmosphere of being outside before entering the hall. You can’t beat a fizzy reception out on the lawns! Hatfield House [...]

Quirky Disco

This event saw DJ Greg travel down to Hampshire, to a remote little village called Ecchinswell. Rain isn’t really popular on the best of days, but when you are performing in a Marquee, it’s not popular at all! After a wet get in, and a damp set up, the sound check took place. DJ Greg [...]

Professional Disco Service

As DJ Greg guarantees his clients with a highly professional service, certain obstacles become a pleasure to deal with. DJ Greg was booked to perform and entertain at a Wedding in Chesham, Herts. A seven-piece band was also requested along with DJ Greg, to gig in the corner of a very small banqueting venue for [...]

Party DJ

Less than 48 hours ago, DJ Greg was down in Brimpton, Reading, performing for a family event. No particular reason, just a good old-fashioned party with family members and close friends. What a raucous party it was indeed. DJ Greg has been very good friends of the family, and for the last 6 years he [...]

Corporate Events & Private Parties

Over the years, DJ Greg has probably done all the possible events imaginable. From all Corporate Events, to Weddings, Anniversary’s, Birthday’s, Funerals, Winter Wonderlands, Beach Parties, Festivals and many, many more. If an event doesn’t match the criteria of a Corporate Event, then it can only ever be a Private Party. On recent travels, DJ [...]

Half Jewish Wedding, Half Scottish

Today’s wedding took DJ Greg all the way down to Essex, to The Downhall Hotel. DJ Greg is very experienced in the Wedding Industry, and what a perfect example of a smooth running event it was. A pleasant surprise to find out it was a half and half wedding, and it was a lot of [...]

Christmas DJ & Disco

One job DJ Greg does get to do each year, is a cracking and cosy affair up in Birmingham for a group of Solicitors, who really enjoy themselves at the festive time of year. A change of venue for their 2016 Christmas Bash at a very nice and modern looking Hotel in the city center. [...]

Mobile Disco

Travelling the UK is always fun. It’s always nice to go to new places, meet new people and make new friends. On a recent adventure, DJ Greg landed a gig in Norwich, Norfolk. A very young couple celebrating their wedding day, went via an agency wanting a Top London DJ, and boy, was it a [...]

Birthday Party

Apart from Corporate Events, Weddings, Jewish Events, Charity Ball’s and Anniversary’s, DJ Greg does excel in giving a good Birthday Party. With a Birthday Party, the client can get to choose certain music or songs to suit the mood or the theme. (Just like any other gig) This Birthday Party saw DJ Greg perform at [...]