Christmas DJ & Disco

One job DJ Greg does get to do each year, is a cracking and cosy affair up in Birmingham for a group of Solicitors, who really enjoy themselves at the festive time of year.

A change of venue for their 2016 Christmas Bash at a very nice and modern looking Hotel in the city center.
For the last 4 years now, DJ Greg has entertained this group, and it just keeps getting better. After a very long and gruelling challenge up the M1 with severe delays, DJ Greg and the crew finally got there to unload all the equipment.
The loading bay was already occupied by another two commercial vehicles, which were also setting up for different Christmas Party’s. (There was a lot going on)

With stress levels rising, the disco was eventually set, and even time to sit down and take a breather before going on to perform was acceptable. Christmas tunes were played through the sit down dinner, and then it was over to the DJ to start this raucous party.

The Dance Floor was packed all night long and the clients thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
What made this event even better was 48 hours later DJ Greg received an email, booking the band for 2017.
We look forward to it.