Hanbury Manor

For the first time in a long time, DJ Greg descended on Hanbury Manor to perform at a birthday party, and not a wedding. Hanbury Manor is a well known place for holding weddings, but on this occasion, it was a 40th birthday party.

DJ Greg is based in Hertfordshire, so it was a pleasant trip across the Home Counties to get to the venue. No more than 35 minutes, and a little trip on the A1 and the A414.
The client booked DJ Greg for his wife’s 40th birthday several months ago, after viewing him at another function back in February.

A highly successful night at Hanbury Manor, and a very busy dance floor indeed. Music and requests were flowing all night. It was a shame that this particular event had to finish. What a great party, and DJ Greg would like to say a big thank you for booking him on this wonderful and happy occasion.