Mobile Disco

Travelling the UK is always fun. It’s always nice to go to new places, meet new people and make new friends. On a recent adventure, DJ Greg landed a gig in Norwich, Norfolk. A very young couple celebrating their wedding day, went via an agency wanting a Top London DJ, and boy, was it a party!

DJ Greg and his crew got there nice and early, to set up in a fantastic marquee on the grounds of Smallburgh Hall. A nice set was created and a fantastic look indeed. The marquee looked amazing and DJ Greg took to the stage to perform a vibrant show. A very successful party with lots of happy people enjoying themselves, and dancing through to the early hours. Of course, the journey home after can be a challenge. Being a professional, and travelling the UK is all a part of the job. There is nothing DJ Greg is not used to. However, getting home as the sun is rising and the birds are singing can have some minor affects on your body clock. But that is called ‘Life On The Road’ and he loves the challenge.