Professional Disco Service

As DJ Greg guarantees his clients with a highly professional service, certain obstacles become a pleasure to deal with. DJ Greg was booked to perform and entertain at a Wedding in Chesham, Herts. A seven-piece band was also requested along with DJ Greg, to gig in the corner of a very small banqueting venue for 90 guests.

Having a successful reputation, DJ Greg can adapt to anything. Normally, the stage set up is quite big, as DJ Greg does insist on giving good value for money with a terrific light show and a superb sound system. However, one thing learnt over the years is to never underestimate a venue, and always arrive ‘Over Prepared’. On this occasion, DJ Greg adapted to the surroundings by using alternative equipment to entertain in an area no bigger than a Ford Transit Van.

The clients was delighted that DJ Greg fulfilled their expectations, and the entire evening was a remarkable success. DJ Greg and WICKED Productions always try to carry three different types of PA, numerous amounts of Dance Floor and stage lighting, to meet any expectations that our clients desire.