Par Cans

Par Cans: a simple but effective light

A combination of the star cloth, (l.e.d.) Effect’s lighting, stage Par can’s and the subtle use of Haze, Creates a fantastic ambience for any room featuring a live band or act!

Par Cans are a very simple but effective light. The ‘Can’ is literally just a housing; the Par lamp itself is a complete sealed unit featuring a bulb and lens. The beam angle and power are chosen by specifying the appropriate Par lamp. These are available in a range of sizes – Par36 (4.5″), Par56 (7″) and Par64 (8″), and powers from 50W to 1KW, some run directly on 240V mains, some in series pairs at 120V and others at lower voltages through transformers.

Par Cans give light with fixed beam angle ranging from about 5 to 40 degrees according to the type of lamp that is fitted, please specify the lamp type you require when placing your order for hire. Note that most Par beams are oval rather than round, and have a soft edge.