About DJ Greg

greg4DJ GREG (Greg Nicholls) lives in Hertfordshire within easy distance of London and happy to travel any distance. Not only is he a professional DJ but an experienced sound engineer, lighting operator, designer, and stage manager.

Working most of his spare nights with the UK’s Top Show Band Mixed Feelings, and also the proud owner of Wicked Productions, music and entertainment is his life!

“I just love Music! I grew up with it and I like to please people with my music! When I am relaxing, I love to listen to my Vinyl collection. I don’t DJ with vinyl, but I love the sound of it on my home entertainment system and try to re-create that ‘feel’ on stage. I don’t think you can beat it”

greg8DJ GREG has worked with some of the UK’s biggest celebrities, production companies and industry market leaders. He also loves a good party..

“I’m a sociable character and I think that comes across when I DJ. My aim is to give my clients the best party possible. Keep the dance floor full and the atmosphere magical. I dress to suit any occasion and I play to please everyone. It’s all down to experience and professionalism”.

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